Items made to order will be shipped whithin 3 business days.
All items can be fitted to meet your requirements : wiring, cabling, bulb specifications... Adapting a light takes one to five days, depending on parts availability.

Returns are accepted within two weeks, but shipping isn't included.
I carefully craft each item in my workshop, and thoroughly check them before shipping.
Should any problem occur during shipping, let me know whithin 3 days and I will replace the item at my cost.

All items can be fitted to meet your requirements. Furthermore, if you have a special request, I'll be pleased to help.
All items come with one spare bulb, LED or CFL. They are efficient and very long lasting : from 10.000 to 50.000 hours.
I have many prototypes and installations, and work on various materials : textiles, plastics, re-used, recycled, upcycled... So if you run a shop, hotel, agency, or if you simply have a room to light up, just ask, I'll turn your matter into light.