• Image of Til Enda, limited edition sconce, picturing a chiaroscuro photography

Le Luxographe photographic wall light.

Hand assembled on demand in my workshop, limited edition of 50.

Each photograph is silver printed on Kodak translucent paper at Picto, Paris's top professional printing lab. Pictured is a piece of fabric, photographed (by myself) in 2013.

The base of the lamp is flat allowing it be easily hung or placed on a table or sideboard.

Technical specifications:
Comes with or without the cable shown, per your request : the lamp can be hard wired directly in to the wall or plugged in to a regular socket if needed. The cabled version comes with a converter plug, or can be adapted to fit your sockets, in which case the processing time is about a week.
30cm x 30cm (11.8" x 11.8")
The wall light comes with a white 400 lumens LED bulb, as well as a spare bulb. LED lights last 30,000 hours (about 30 years).
Hand assembled with EU listed factory made electrical components.
All lights thoroughly tested to meet technical regulations.

About Le Luxographe : Photographer and light designer, I've been addicted to light, in all its forms, for 20 years. More here : www.leluxographe.com